Vote Given for Mayor, 0ct 16th

Delivering Results

Through the course of the election I'm looking forward to discussing the future and we want for our city.

At the same time, I'm proud of what we've accomplished together during my time as mayor and I'm happy to look back and share just some of the highlights of the 2013 to 2017 term.

You can also view some the results from my first term as Mayor (2010 to 2013) here.

Controlling Taxes

Bill's councils have consistently worked to control property tax increases.

Prior to Bill being elected Mayor in the fall of 2010, property taxes had increased by an average of 6.6% each year.

In his first three year term, Bill's council focused on efficient use of tax dollars and cut the average property tax increase to just 2.7%.

In this most recent four year term, Bill's council did even better holding property taxes to an average annual increase of just 2.2%.
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Encouraging Development

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• Bill's council completed the annexation and started planning for future city growth.

In Bill's first term as Mayor, the City initiated the annexation process with the County of Grande Prairie in order to provide more room for the City to grow its tax base. This term, under Bill's leadership the City presented its case to the province and was successful in it's request.

Since annexation the City has focused on meeting the service expectations of residents in the annexed areas. In addition to this focus on service the City has started to put in place the foundations that will allow for future growth in the new areas.

Learn More:
Huges Lake Area Structure Plan

Creating Quality Public Spaces

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• Bill's council completed a master plan for the Montrose site & created the Mamawe Concourse

Learn More:
South Montrose Master Plan & Mamawe Concourse

Connecting Neighbours

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Revitalizing Downtown

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Addressing Crime

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Fixing Roads

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Building Community

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